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Be Considerate

Please have some common sense out there. Someone stood in the tracks (skis perpendicular to both tracks) on Scales Road, and watched me going quickly downhill with no effort to move. I was able to finally jump out of the tracks, but not able to recover from being off balance and crashed. A whiplashed neck and head bruises left me wondering why that person simply skied away from an injured skier. Thanks to the people who showed up later.

Snowmobiling at Ward!

Unfortunately today three guys on dirt bike style snowmobiles tore through Ward Creek trails destroying parts of Ward trail, east Ward trail and Deep Slough trail. Be aware that there are deep pockets along some of those trails and possibly others. I rebuked them and sent them on their way.. unfortunately it was after the damage was done. Otherwise, the snow is great with more to come this weekend. Enjoy.

Cold and windy

Sunset was pretty rough today with 3-4” of blowing snow. Dress warm and keep moving!

Tracks set!

The trails were in fine condition today. It was not too windy. There are still some areas of brush coming through. It was a great day on the trails with my new skis. Hoping for an extended and powder filled season!

First Ski on the New Trail!

Feli and Donna Iovoni and myself, John Mitchell, were the first to ski the new trial trail from the Dog Loop Junction at County Line , through the woods (some great downhill terrain) around the forest edge to Scales Glad. Well done, GMNC! This run was beautimus and the conditions were perfect – highly recommended!

Looking good!

Everything at Skyway was nicely groomed. Saw the cat heading across Scales Lake road towards Country Line.