Grand Mesa Nordic Council  Minutes: Board Meeting, May 8, 2019  Bill Heddles Recreation Center, Delta  Meeting Commenced:​ 6:00 pm  Board Members Present:​ Terri Stright, Tina Wilson, Don Metzler, Lisa Eckert  Board Members Absent:​ None  Minutes  The minutes from April 10 were approved as corrected.  GMNC Recommendation to FS  The Forest Service recently asked GMNC for a recommendation on the management of  dogs on the ski trails.​ Discussion of this topic began at the April 10 board meeting, and  continued at the April 22 special board meeting. The special meeting was conducted by a  facilitator and included a discussion of potential solutions to dog-related public health  and safety hazards.
The goal of the recommendation is to protect public safety from dog-related hazards  while still providing opportunities for winter recreation for users with dogs. Terri moved  to adopt the following key points as GMNC’s recommendation to the USFS for  management of dogs on Grand Mesa ski trails:   1. Prohibit dogs at Skyway and County Line Nordic areas Nov 15 – Apr 15 by regulation.  2. Continue with Ward Nordic area open to dogs. 3. Promote usage of ungroomed ski trails on the north side of Grand Mesa for users with dogs.  4. Prohibit skijoring and dog sledding on all Grand Mesa ski trails by regulation. A lengthy debate ensued, including further discussion of potential solutions reviewed on  April 22. The motion passed after debate.
The FS has recommended that a written proposal be mailed to them, and provided  guidance on necessary content.  Action: Terri will provide a draft written proposal to board members. The board is asked  to submit any corrections to Terri by May 15, after which the proposal will be sent to the
Social Media report  Tina reported on a meeting she had with Dan Tille. Dan is a GMNC member with  experience managing several social media sites. He made several suggestions for the  board to consider, and offered to manage GMNC’s Facebook page, and a new Instagram  account. Board members felt that GMNC’s goals need to be defined before considering  any action.
Board-designated funds  According to GMNC’s long-term financial plan, at the end of each fiscal year GMNC’s  unrestricted liquid assets are re-distributed among the operating reserve (currently  defined as $30,000), and the board-designated capital accounts. These capital accounts  are intended as savings for long-term goals.
Unrestricted liquid assets were $85,651 on May 1.
Terri moved to transfer $15,000 to the board-designated Grooming Equipment Fund, and  $41,651 to the Infrastructure Fund. $30,000 will remain as GMNC’s operating reserve.  The motion passed.
Board Member Training  All Board members have been asked to complete of the Colorado Secretary of State  Nonprofit Board Member course. Currently 50% of board members have completed ​it.  The course provides training in the basics needed to function as a responsible and  effective board member. Completion by the full board would reflect well on GMNC.  The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.​ ​The next regular board meeting will be in July.
Tina Wilson, Secretary