Minutes, GMNC Board Meeting
March 11, 2020, 6 PM – 9 PM

Attending: Tina Wilson, Joe Ramey, Lynea Schultz-Ela, Callie West, Dan Tille
Guests: Dave Knutson, Martin Wiesiolek, Caryl Brown
Guest Comments:
– Dave: skied on Grand Mesa twice this winter and skis completely iced up. How to deal with that? Martin says wax is too cold – use purple, maybe red.
– Dave talked to Christina and Annie about coaching kids in the North Fork for a Kids Day in March next year. Scott with Crawford State Park will haul grooming equipment up and groom Stevens Gulch. Would like to plan for March 2021. We may need to raise some money to support. Dave will talk to snowmobilers etc. to make sure it’s okay. The Nature Connection can provide equipment. GMNC can handle donations since it’s a 501(c)3. Friends of Youth and Nature might also support this.
– Martin: Board expresses appreciation for Martin doing great videos on Facebook inspiring people to ski. Martin suggests offering discount lessons for kids – youth rate. Also maybe getting a kids program going again. Need to create more lifelong skiing enthusiasts. Joe – we should offer a student rate of $30 or similar to encourage college students to join. Callie – we need instructors who will work with youth and they need special clearance to do so. Perhaps we could have legal guardians come along on lessons. Dan – we need a fun kids program that’s not race or event oriented just to get kids on skis. Parents can go ski around while kids are getting lessons. Dave – need to lean on Annie, Christina, Anita for wisdom and involve them in planning. Lynea – let these people know we’ve had requests to start a non-competitive youth program and ask if they would join in a dialogue about what we can do that’s best for kids. Martin – do we outsource it or run it under the GMNC umbrella. Could create an additional program, there’s enough of a population base to do that. Ski club for kids with quality instruction and fun, every week.
– Martin: race program. With Tom retiring, who’s going to do race program? Dan and Martin could do it for profit with a race series, and promise that GMNC would make money off the races. Don’t know exactly what the arrangement would be. Separate LLC perhaps. Contractors. Run membership drives through races. Not sustainable to have a volunteer running races. Dan talked to Crested Butte Nordic about a Western Slope race series. Could get grant for advertising. Races have been bringing in maybe 25 racers, they want to make it bigger. Martin was head coach of Special Olympics team, has organized 50 race events on snow, also organized running races. Dan has bike event experience for 50-100 people. Need to find out if there’s a Forest Service ceiling on user days. Need to ask Ryan – tell him our volunteer race director has retired and we may need to hire someone from outside to run the race program. Time is of the essence – June is deadline for grant for advertising.


– Down $18,000 in income – that’s because Mesa County has not yet disbursed the $20,000 grant to us.
– Higher in “Other Expenses” because we bought fuel cube, groomer jackets, trail signs
– Trailbox collections are up $1,000 so far from last year.
– Otherwise we’re tracking even with last year on everything. We’re $15,000 above revenue forecast.
– Lynea: we need a budget for the upcoming year. Can start with our end-of-year numbers and hone it according to what we’re trying to accomplish.
– Tina: we have 3 big signs to go in the kiosk. Ryan Fricke and Joe Ramey will talk about every issue and that will be the single point of contact in the FS. We need a Master Plan for GMNC. Putting down on priorities and goals. Great project for the off season. Joe and Tina can be start of a committee on this. Incorporate it into our board development discussion with Eileen. We need to talk about dogs, snowshoers, safety. FS has said we can’t have more new trails unless we give up some trails because of lynx habitat – but snowmobiles make hundreds of miles of groomed trails up there with no restrictions.
– Tim met program director of Colo Mtn College – they teach grooming on PistenBullys. Considering some kind of meeting about having a grooming employee.
– Lynea working on board tasks document.
– Bookkeeper and ops director as paid positions. We need two possible part-time positions. Have an investment counselor to put our money into some kind of investment. Need to look for specific skills in new board members.
– Callie: Also need a membership director to keep up with Little Green Light, write grants, etc.
– Lynea: wants to write a letter (or Dan could) for call-out for more involvement from members. Talking about experiences on board, asking for more support and listing specific skills we need. Take application form off website and put Joe’s phone number on instead – lower barriers for new board members.
– Joe: Will meet with Annie Murphy to start revising bylaws. Review bylaws by end of month. It’s on our website as an addendum for November minutes.
• Communications with Forest Service: Joe will be liaison with Ryan for all communications. Ryan and Joe will work on operating plan through the summer.
• Warming hut: donor does not want equipment shelter. His money went to Western Colorado Community Foundation, they will honor his request to use it for a permanent warming hut at Skyway. Plans have gone to Ryan to review. We’ll try to find out if we can use this money for equipment storage. We need to figure out what this building should be and what it’s for. This defines our growth and we need to have some kind of a maintenance fund.
• Snowmobiles – we’ll just buy one this year. Hotchkiss dealer is waiting to hear from us. We should go ahead and reserve it. Joe will do that. We will sell our 2015 snowmo and keep the 2013 per advice from Rich and Winslow.


Motion to adjourn; seconded, passed.


Several votes were held via email during the season.

– 3/23 – Unanimous vote to pay Kellen and Dave the wages they would have normally made if grooming had continued.
– 3/22 – Unanimous vote to cease grooming as of 3/24 and notify members that the season is over.
– 3/16 – Vote to continue limited grooming. 1 Nay, 5 Ayes.
– 2/17 – Unanimous vote to interview Dave Smith and hire if it goes well.
– 1/16 – Unanimous vote to buy Loki jacket and have it embroidered for Tom Ela in appreciation of his years of service.