Minutes, GMNC Board Meeting
February 13, 2020, 6 PM – 9 PM

Attending: Tina Wilson, Joe Ramey, Lynea Schultz-Ela, Callie West, Dan Tille
No guests.
MINUTES – Approval of January minutes. Approved as corrected.
• Presentation of financial statements, Treasurer’s report
• Callie has agreed to be a voting Board member and is voted onto board unanimously.
• Asks board to make finding a replacement treasurer a priority.
• Financial dashboard and financial statements will be posted on website. Calllie asks for input on whether we’d like to see less or more on the dashboard – board is happy with it as is.
• We’re mid-season for financial activity, $773 ahead in income compared to last year, and $3,374 more in expenses, due to paying for more grooming. We have $33,341 in expenses yet to spend this year to meet our budget – so we’ll probably end up under budget. Individual contributions are up about $1,685 compared to our forecast; business contributions are $1,429 over forecast. However, restricted gifts and grants are under by $17,832 – we are hoping for a $20K grant from Mesa County.
• To improve forecasting of grooming costs, we’ll look at fuel logs at end of season, try to determine how much fuel is used per hour by PistenBully and snowmobiles. Also have to factor in cost of machine, maintenance, etc. Lynea will do this analysis based on data from Joe and Rich.
• Need to inventory trail system to see which intersections need numbers, and which need maps. Also need blue diamonds with trail names. Then we can order what we need.
• We should upgrade many of the map signs to make them larger – recycle the smaller versions by using them at less important intersections.
• Joe will do inventory of all intersections and what signs are needed.
• We can add suggested loops info to our website, for 5K, 10K, 15K etc.
• We need an estimate for cost of the current signs being considered, and the board will need to vote to approve since it is above the forecasted expense. This year’s forecast/estimate for “Trail Maintenance & Signage” (done by Terri) was $3,960. This report shows $3,836 has already been spent, so the balance in budget is very small.
• 30 year anniversary & bumper stickers. Bumper sticker (300 for $478 or $1.59 each) have been ordered. Distribution by Board members and ski instructors and Tim Carter and Rich McCreanor, to get them to members this season.
• Promote Ward for skiers with dogs – esp. Delta County skiers (use MailChimp?)

• Lynea: Created a grid of Board tasks – president and treasurer each have huge list of tasks
• Tom Ela is done sponsoring races after this season. John Klish (Mad Racing) may be a paid substitute. https://www.madracingcolorado.com/aboutmad/
• Callie: also need to hire someone to write grants and be membership director, and pay a bookkeeper
• Joe: Why aren’t we getting new members? We’re not doing enough to engage younger people, snowshoers, etc.
• Next season Grand Valley Nordic Club will be operating their programs on our trails. Could consider offering a family-based special deal to help get kids and their families interested in joining GMNC. Offering adult lessons and citizen races are also feeder programs for GMNC, and engage important parts of our Nordic ski community. Next year should engage the snowshoe racers.
• Dan: board development meetings (led by Ilene Roggensack) in late March or April. April is best because the ski season will be over.
• Send dates to Dan for vacations so he can schedule.
• 241 surveys returned, plus another handful. Lots of comments and feedback. Mostly very positive, also some constructive criticism.
• One area we need to improve is the grooming reports: could build a page on our website that would be filled out automatically by groomers. People want daily information on grooming.
• Facebook fills a big gap for us in member communications.
• Add a sign-in box at the trailheads?
• Joe: Have talked with John Lorentzen (and USFS and Mesa County Building Dept and an architect) about the new Skyway warming hut. Will downsize hut and put garage on the back for snowmobiles. Will try to have some kind of plan for hut funder before he talks to Terri.
• Ryan Fricke (Forest Service) and Joe talked about snowshoers – we can’t add more trails because it’s lynx habitat – can’t have a net gain in groomed area.
• Monday, November 2nd 2020 for GMNC’s Kids’ Pasta Project Dinner.

• When snowmobiles have check engine indicators on, this is a hassle for Rich of course because it must be loaded and transported down to the dealer to find out what the indicator is indicating. There is a diagnostic tool for $400 that, if we owned it, could save us snomo trips down to the dealer. Board agrees we should buy one.
• We need to replace our old snowmobiles. We will buy two of the Ski-Doo workhorse, the Super Wide Track Skandic 900A. Price is $21k with trading in our old snowmos, $27K without trade ins. Then we have four snowmobiles.