Minutes, GMNC Board Meeting
April 8, 2020, 6 PM – 8 PM via conference call

Attending: Tina Wilson, Joe Ramey, Lynea Schultz-Ela, Callie West, Dan Tille
Guests: Caryl Brown, Toby Morse, Tom Ela
Guest Comments:
Caryl: interested in joining board
Toby: Wants to do whatever he can to build a stronger Nordic community. Wants to get caught up on GMNC plans and figure out how to get involved. Built 7K of trails at Powderhorn 3 years ago and those may go away due to Powderhorn’s plans for RV campground.
Tom: to make sure we can do college race, Tom is willing to put it on as race director. Will also put on one additional race if no one steps up.
Dan: reiterates race proposal to run as for profit venture. Finding sponsors, grant money to advertise.
Toby: in terms of races, would be great to develop race series that moved around to different venues, Mesa top, Stevens Gulch, etc.
Dan: talked to Crested Butte Nordic about a Western Slope race series. Martin and he are interested in putting on GMNC race only on our trails.
Caryl: Used to be part of Utah Nordic alliance. Would have races around Salt Lake City. If we can’t go to different locations how about variety in races themselves, longer or shorter. Obstacle course, etc. Dress up. Motivation to be there.
Dan: Each race we would put on would have a kids’ race of short distance, 5K for new racers, 10-20K for regular race series. Trying to appeal to everyone.
Lynea: Do we want to pursue handing over race series and ask Dan and Martin to come back with proposal, budget, cost? We can redesign races but have to decide if there’s going to be races long term. Grant deadline has been extended 2 months due to coronavirus (previously was early June).
Callie: Motion to have Martin and Dan present detailed proposal and budget at June or July board meeting. Seconded. Passes unanimously.
Tom: Wants to work with Dan and Martin and help plan race series. Can help pick up slack.
Joe: talking to pro bono lawyer, will ask about legal aspects of kids races. Will also reach out to Ryan Fricke of Forest Service. Need clarification about that.
Joe: Would like another board member. Caryl is interested. Caryl took a class in grant writing.
Callie: How available are you Caryl? Can you attend board meetings one night a month in Delta or virtually?
Caryl: No problem in attending meetings. Would have liked to see race season longer. Happy to contribute weekends that she’s not working. Has grant writing skills.
Various board members comment that we’re looking for board members who are enthusiastic, want to help the Nordic community, interested in kids programs. Don’t have to hit the ground running, someone can find their niche on the board after seeing how things operate …
Motion to accept Caryl onto the board. Seconded, unanimous passed.
Approval of March minutes. Motion to approve. Seconded. Unanimous passed.

Callie: Treasurers Report:
• We got the $20,000 from Mesa County, so that’s added to ordinary income. Everything looks good. Very close to last year on everything, income and expenses.
• Our fiscal year ends April 30, we have very little activity from now until then. Just expense of getting grooming equipment off the Mesa. We’re significantly ahead on forecasted income, and have much less in expenses.
• About $300 in donation boxes after grooming stopped. Trail boxes will end up $200 over last year, which is great because we didn’t have a big snow year like 2018-19. Messaging and communication was effective. Down $1400 in individual contributions although we have the same number of members. Advertising income made up for that. Ads more than covered cost of printing trail maps.
• Our 3 programs are trail grooming and maintenance, adult programs and races. Adult programs and races each contributed about $2200 to general fund. Adult programs earned 3x as much as last year, we added an expert series, and had more participants. Better promotion from Martin. Private lessons were really popular, esp. 3 pack of lessons. Had more than 100 participants.
• Program expenses vastly different: 60% of adult program revenue went to expenses, while 10% of races revenue did. We paid $810 for CMU coaches, partly to make up to them for losing their race on our trails, and we got incredibly top notch coaching. Those expenses might be less next year. We don’t have resources to expand adult programs.
Lynea: Race expenses will be higher next year because we’re paying for services that now we get for free.
Warming Hut Discussion
Lynea: we have a potential donor but have to decide if we want a warming hut, how it fits into our future. Does the membership want this and want to spend money on maintenance on it? We need to have that conversation and do some research – no action until that.
Tina: We need to have that discussion and get it all on the table and see if what we want can work with what donor is wanting.
Dan: At beginning of March, no money had yet been given to WCCF by donor. Dan expressed concerns to WCCF. They bring both parties to table and try to work it out in negotiations. He let them know that he and Joe are the only points of contact now. He will call WCCF and get status.
Storage for grooming equipment is a higher priority than a gathering place for skiers.
Tom: if a new hut does get built can we repurpose the old hut as an equipment shelter? Also if new hut can be used to stage races out of, that would be a huge plus. Would it be safe to cook inside it with propane burners? (yes, the 10th mtn huts have propane stoves)
Dan: REI grant. Was given a cap to ask for. Can’t ask for more than $2500 for signage. Will be turned in in the next few days. No action on board development retreat given the pandemic. Probably will happen in June or July.
• Pandemic also casts shadow on budget, it may be completely different next year.
• Talked to Annie Murphy about bylaws, she’s really busy right now. Will talk to pro bono lawyer about possibility of having bylaws redone.
• Operations: concern about equipment just sitting out there. Member will go check it out and let us know how things look. We will take it down to storage as soon as we’re not restricted in travel. Kellen will help trailer off snowmobiles before May 11 when he starts w/ Forest Service.
• Do we want to sell a snowmobile? Usually we sell the oldest one first, but we’ve been offered $5k for the next-oldest, 2015 Skandic. The 2013 has more miles, 5800 vs. 3100. Older machine fits better with mission of grooming. 2015 is wide track and doesn’t haul grooming equipment.
• Worst case scenario we’d end up buying 2 machines. But we have a grant for buying one.
Motion: we sell the 2015 Skandic for $5000 to Norwood Nordic. Seconded. Passed unanimously.
Meetings coming up (Callie):
• May is when we elect officers for upcoming season. We can do in June or July.
• We need to have a 3 hour meeting dedicated to understanding the finances, to get more than a surface understanding of it. Would include budget for next year. Late May is probably a good time for that.
• Not super urgent, could be broken into 2 meetings, one to review income and expense for this year, another to approve a budget for next year which could be done in July.
• As a board we can make a very conservative budget but we have to do some kind of budget. Nonprofits should budget low for income and high for expenses.

Joe: Let’s leave it fluid for now. When we have a better idea of timeframe, we can make decisions about when to meet.
Callie: Our first opportunity to meet should be 90 minutes on understanding finances. Before August we need a budget.
Tina: Two comments. Winslow has so much Forest Service liaison experience, could we get him back into that? They work well together. We could benefit from. Could alleviate some pressure on Joe. He will talk to Winslow, he has a lot on his plate. Grooming for next year –Tina is in communication w/ CMC grooming school. Trying to set up meeting to talk about grooming and what they could offer for a potential employee.
Joe: Will talk to Callie and Lynea about membership director, ops manager, etc. as defined positions.
Lynea: among the gaps identified in her board skills matrix are individuals to handle kids/youth programs, USFS liaison, accounting, legal, grant writing
Next meeting: May 6 on Zoom.