Financials of the Grand Mesa Nordic Council

Financial Information for Fiscal Year Ending April 30, 2020

In spite of an early end to the grooming season due to COVID-19, GMNC's overall contributions were even with the previous season thanks to continuing support from our members. Mesa County and Delta County both awarded generous grants. The Goodwin Foundation awarded a grant to cover the full cost for a new snowmobile grooming machine.  Overall expenses were also on par with the previous season. GMNC's financial position remains strong. This allows its Board of Directors to develop its Capital Fund for future investments in new grooming equipment and infrastructure. Next season your membership dollars will be hard at work grooming GMNC trails so please support GMNC today!

2020 Financial pie graph


GMNC maintains an investment fund. As of April 30, 2020, includes:

            Board Designated Capital

                        Grooming Equipment             $142,572

                        Infrastructure                          $  52,651

                        Operating Reserve                 $  44,443

            Restricted Funds

                        CERF (Capital Equip Replacement Fund)    $    9,978

                        Lambert Snowcat Support                            $    3,247

Forward Thinking Statements for Fiscal Year May 1, 2020-April 30, 20201

  • Budget income projections: $81,000
  • Budget expense projections: $80,000

Any GMNC member in good standing may review all financial documents by contacting the GMNC at