SKYWAY, DEC 28, 2019

Forecast: snow and blowing snow with wind chill to -15! Yikes, but it didn’t happen. Yay!!! Instead, we got a cold but calm race day with a few snowflakes and moments of sun, too. The mantra is “just show up and often enough good things happen”. Some of the good things that happened were a fun well-groomed course, hot soup to warm up and some excellent prizes and samples from Loki Outerwear, Enstrom’s Toffee, Four Points Energy Bars and Element Frosted Rice Cakes. Thanks sponsors!

Chris Miller, fairly new to the area, came up and showed us how it’s done winning the race handily. If it’s a classic race in particular, you know Greg Randall won’t be far behind. Martin Wiesiolek had to burn a little of his ever-present energy to roll in Third.

On the women’s side, another new face, Cordelia Zars came over the divide to take the women’s title and Fifth overall. Jordan Miner, gearing up for another Junior Circuit season skied strong for Second and, always in the mix, Helen Carlsen was Third.

It’s always great to get a new race season started and see lots of familiar faces plus lots of new faces. And to have excellent snow depth to play on! Bring on the New Year and more new adventures! Photos by Lee Gelatt Photography.

Grand Mesa 10K Classic










1Chris Miller34M0:46:06Grand Junction
2Greg Randall58M0:48:21Collbran
3Martin Wiesiolek53M0:49:42Grand Junction
4Riley Gelatt30M0:52:09Grand Junction
5Cordelia Zars26F0:52:33Denver
6Marty Wacker48M0:53:01Grand Junction
7Justin Silcox49M0:53:13Carbondale
8Jordan Miner17F0:53:14Mesa
9Toby Morse62M0:54:11Grand Junction
10Helen Carlsen59F0:54:23Basalt
11Lew Perna46M0:58:54Gypsum
12Amanda Demler44F0:59:19Boulder
13Doug Johnston63M1:01:38Grand Junction
14Tim Carter84M1:02:53Grand Junction
15Sam Thornhill61M1:02:58Fruita
16Mark Spoon58M1:03:21Palisade
17Valerie Eipper59F1:03:27Longmont
18Steve Ela56M1:04:22Hotchkiss
19Tina Wilson63F1:04:30Grand Junction
20Susy Ellison64F1:06:34Carbondale
21Chuck Bodie66M1:07:23Grand Junction
22Richard Hypio64M1:09:19Hotchkiss
23Kevin O’Brien61M1:10:04Paonia
24Joe Ramey63M1:12:39Grand Junction
25Ewell Culbertson62M1:13:10Delta
26Dave Knutson71M1:13:31Paonia
27Penny Jansen59F1:16:20Fruita
28Theresa Miner54F1:24:37Mesa
29Rick Brode64M1:33:18Cedaredge
30Albert Kreuger67M1:35:09Meeker
31Melissa Sullivan71F1:35:10Montrose