What a difference a year makes! Instead of a cancellation we had some of the best snow conditions in memory with all trails open and excellent skiing for our WinterStart Races. The downside was that more snow was falling and rather horizontally as the races started. A nice turnout of tough skiers were unswayed by the challenging weather and launched off for a longish 5K, first classic style then skate.

Roan Hall, skiing for the Colorado Mesa University ski team, put a nice gap on everyone else in the Classic race and turned in a fast time on slow snow and a hilly course. Two teammates followed but then here came the women! The next 3 finishers were women in a pretty close pack with Gwynn Barrows leading the way. The rest of the field flowed in behind, young and old, citizen and collegiate, all enjoying excellent Grand Mesa competition.

The guys traded places in the skate race with CMU’s Koby Vinson moving up from third to first pushed by citizen racer Danny Sullivan and then his two CMU teammates. Once again the women couldn’t keep up with Gwynn Barrows as she cruised to the win.

We were pleased this year to again be able to offer racers an extra boost with samples from sponsors Four Points Energy Bars and Justins Nut Butters. LOKI Outdoor Wear and Enstroms Toffee also again came through with some excellent door prizes. It great to be on snow again and skiing and we can say “Yes, Winter has started!”


1Roan Hall20MCMUCO20:39
2Cal Lindberg20MCMU21:32
3Koby Vinson18MCMU22:17
4Gwynn Barrows31FGrand JunctionCO23:14
5Hannah Brown18FCMU23:23
6Meredith Bremner32FGrand JunctionCO23:28
7Russell Bollig55MGlenwood SpringsCO23:47
8Rudy Bolona50MCarbondaleCO24:01
9Greg Randall57MCollbranCO25:24
10Martin Wiesiolek53MGrand JunctionCO26:21
11Kellie Arthur18FCMU26:52
12Helen Carlsen58FBasaltCO28:13
13Retta Bruegger35FGrand JunctionCO29:04
14Ken Pill57MGrand JunctionCO29:14
15Steve Ela55MHotchkissCO29:24
16Brad Burritt57MHotchkissCO29:28
17Dan Schultz-Ela62MHotchkissCO29:54
18Tim Carter83MGrand JunctionCO30:08
19Sam Thornhill60MFruitaCO30:10
20Tina Wilson62FGrand JunctionCO30:23
21Patrick Hummel0MFruitaCO30:46
22Annie Mueller0FGrand JunctionCO31:16
23Michael Hutton61MCarbondaleCO31:31
24Susy Ellison63FCarbondaleCO31:38
25Andy Gingerich35MGrand JunctionCO31:56
26Chuck Bodie65MGrand JunctionCO32:40
27Tom Lambert68MGrand JunctionCO32:56
28David Maas0MFruitaCO34:47
29Mark Spoon0MPalisadeCO34:49
30David Batten68MMontroseCO36:55
31Anky Von Schnoplau64FHotchkissCO39:02
32Lori Stone55FFruitaCO39:09
33Theresa Miner53FMesaCO40:22
34Corey Hinman43FFruitaCO41:31
35Angela Johnson44FFruitaCO42:54
36Lilianna Patrick18FCMU43:01
37Don Metzler64MPalisadeCO46:02


1Koby Vinson18MCMU20:24
2Danny Sullivan0MCarbondaleCO20:34
3Roan Hall20MCMUCO21:13
4Cal Lindberg20MCMU22:07
5Gwynn Barrows31FGrand JunctionCO22:49
6Russell Bollig55MGlenwood SpringsCO22:54
7Meredith Bremner32FGrand JunctionCO23:14
8Christie Aschwanden46FCedaredgeCO23:45
9Hannah Brown18FCMU24:41
10Martin Wiesiolek53MGrand JunctionCO25:11
11Lisa Moot45FGrand JunctionCO26:05
12Vegard Soernes0MCMU27:03
13Brad Burritt57MHotchkissCO27:06
14Kyle Stone50MFruitaCO27:47
15Ken Pill57MGrand JunctionCO27:48
16Michael Hutton61MCarbondaleCO28:19
17Annie Mueller0FGrand JunctionCO29:54
18Jim Whiting71MMesaCO32:49
19Mark Spoon0MPalisadeCO35:42
20Donnie Tietsma0MFruitaCO39:34
21David Mueller0MGrand JunctionCO41:32