Trail Etiquette



Trail etiquette helps everyone enjoy the trails to the fullest and lessens the need for more grooming. Here are just a few reminders to keep in mind while being courteous to your fellow trail users:

Snowshoeing – Snowshoers should avoid the classic tracks and stay to the far side of skate lane next to edge of trail. Single-file is recommended, so as not to clog up the middle of the trail and block skiers from passing by.

Climbing Up Hills – Classic skiers should step into skate lane when herringboning up hills. When you herringbone over the top of the classic tracks, you obliterate them and make it difficult for other skiers to use them.

Right of Way – Whether it’s skaters and snowshoers or nordic skiers going up hill vs. down hill, the rule of thumb, is whoever it is easiest to yield should do so. In other words, slower skiers (or snowshoers) should give way to faster skiers and those going uphill should yield to skiers coming downhill. When in doubt, allow common courtesy to govern.

Grooming In Progress – If you encounter the snowcat on the trails, it’s recommended that you step aside well off the trail, or if the groomer stops, for you to go around. This is particularly true with dogs and it’s helpful if you hold onto your dog by the collar. We try to groom at times that minimizes skier/snowcat interaction, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. We want to make sure everyone is safe on the trails, including our four-legged friends.

Skiers with Dogs – Please keep dogs in sight and under voice control at all times. Also, carry bags (available at trailhead) and please pick up after your dog. More information about dog trails and dog etiquette can be found here.

Snow- or Fatbikes – The USFS prohibits snowbikes on the Skyway, County Line, and Ward Trail Systems. The GMNC spends each season maintaining and grooming the trail system for Nordic skiing and snowshoe use. Snow- and fatbiking quickly deteriorates this grooming work and increases GMNC’s grooming expenditures significantly. Snowmobile trails are recommended.

If we just practice a little common courtesy while out on the trails, everyone can enjoy the trails. Happy skiing!

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