2016 Skyway Skuffle Race Results

SKYWAY, DEC 31, 2016

2016 was sent out in style! Sunshine, great grooming from the new machine, excellent snacks and an enthusiastic group of competitors. What more could we ask for? The youngsters ruled again on the men’s side but veterans Russell Bollig and Lew Kirkegaard were able to push the top two racers, CMU’s Andrew James and Connor Timms, at least a little bit. Veteran Sara Ballantyne was the top woman pulling ahead of CMU’s Cambria Camp and Karis Scroggs. Everyone came in happy, though, raving about how fun it had been cruising on the hard smooth surface the new Pisten Bully had laid down. Kudos to 67-year old Mary Gilbert who missed her annual GMNC race last year due to open heart surgery but is back on it and cruised 10K at 10,600. Impressive!

We were treated before and after to Element Dipped Rice Cakes (“Life is too short to snack badly”) and Four Points Nutrition Bars (“Balanced macro nutrient ratios for real energy”). And we’re always pleased to have available the bite size pouches of Justins Nut Butters to keep us going. Thanks to these great sponsors as well as Ela Family Farms, Loki Outdoor Gear, Swix and, yes!, some tasty Colorado Boy beer. Karla Nephew, DJ Nephew and Ernie Langelier were my stalwart and much appreciated crew for this one. Next up is the 10K Grand Mesa Classic continuing to build toward February’s Grand Mesa Loppet 21K/42K. Keep training!


Tom Ela, Race Director


Winners Andrew James and Connor Timms about to munch their Four Points Bars


Place Name Age Gender City State RaceTime
1 Andrew James 22 M CMU   33:28
2 Connor Timms 23 M CMU   34:22
3 Russ Bollig 53 M Aspen CO 35:36
4 Lew Kirkegaard 46 M Grand Junction CO 36:10
5 Lance Webster 51 M Dolores CO 39:02
6 Sara Ballantyne 56 F Ridgway CO 40:11
7 Ken Pill 55 M Grand Junction CO 41:08
8 John Klish 35 M Grand Junction CO 41:22
9 Cambria Camp 17 F CMU CO 41:40
10 Jake Bradshaw 22 M CMU CO 41:52
11 Winslow Robertson 62 M Palisade CO 42:41
12 Kyle Stone 47 M Fruita CO 43:24
13 Karis Scroggs 22 F CMU CO 43:52
14 Brad Burritt 55 M Hotchkiss CO 44:12
15 Helen Carlsen 56 F Basalt CO 46:09
16 John Morris 50 M Grand Junction CO 46:58
17 Dan Schultz-Ela 60 M Hotchkiss CO 48:33
18 Marilyn Kastens 60 F Grand Junction CO 49:56
19 Bill Miller 67 M Grand Junction CO 50:09
20 Denny Hogan 67 M Buena Vista CO 50:30
21 Doug Johnston 61 M Grand Junction CO 50:50
22 Ben Linstid 40 M Montrose CO 51:30
23 Brad McMillon 56 M Ridgway CO 52:03
24 Steve Ela 53 M Hotchkiss CO 52:09
25 Chuck Bodie 63 M Grand Junction CO 52:29
26 John Thrasher 67 M Delta CO 52:38
27 Dave Knutson 67 M Paonia CO 53:43
28 Kathy Duke 60 F Carbondale CO 62:45
29 Robin Tolan 60 F Glenwood Springs CO 62:59
30 Bill Boughton 54 M Aspen CO 63:43
31 Greg Peterson 63 M Paonia CO 64:32
32 David Batten 66 M Montrose CO 64:50
33 Lori Stone 53 F Fruita CO 76:10
34 Angela Johnson 42 F Fruita CO 79:00
35 Corey Hinman 41 F Fruita CO 79:01
36 Mary Gilbert 67 F Fort Collins CO 91:54
37 Randall Raziano 45 M Montrose CO 94:18