First Snow NRL Race, Dec 7-8, 2013

Saturday-Sunday, December 7-8, 2013

Hosted by:

The Grand Mesa Nordic Council (



Tuesday, December 3


Deadline for NRL racer registration (citizen and novice racers may register on race day if necessary)

Wednesday, December 4


Preliminary NRL entry list published for review

Thursday, December 5


Deadline for corrections to entry list


Start lists published

Friday, December 6


Course open for inspection


Course Closes

Saturday, December 7

Classic Individual 15-Second Interval Starts

8:30-:10AM Registration and bib pickup
9:30AM Coaches Meeting
10:20 AM Course Closed
10:30AM 5K Classic Men (Senior, OJ/J1/J2)
11:15AM 5k Classic Women (Senior, OJ/J1/J2)
11:55 AM 3K Classic Men J3
12:00 PM 3K Classic Men J4
12:20PM 3K Classic Women J3
12:25PM 3K Classic Women J4
12:55PM 1K Classic Men (J5, J6)
1:00 PM 1K Classic Women (J5, J6)
1:15 PM 5K Classic Citizens Race MASS START
1:20 PM 5K Classic Men Novice
1:25 PM 5km Classic Women Novice

Sunday, December 8

Skate Mass Start

8:00AM-8:30 Registration and Bib Pickup
8:50AM Course Closed
9:00AM 10k Skate Men (Senior, OJ/J1)
9:50AM 5k Skate Women (Senior, OJ/J1/J2)
10:20AM 5K Skate Men (J2)
10:50AM 3K Skate Men J3
10:55AM 3K Skate Men J4
11:15AM 3K Skate Women J3
11:20AM 3K Skate Women J4
11:45AM 1K Skate Men (J5/J6)
12:00PM 1K Skate Women (J5/J6)
12:35PM 5km Skate Men Novice
12:40 PM 5km Skate Women Novice



  • Citizen and novice (racers age 12+ who are not racing for USSA points) are the only categories that may registration race day. Race day registration closes at 12:45 pm Saturday and 12pm Sunday.
  • Citizen/Novice entry fee $15 per race ($10 GMNC members).


  • TEAM ENTRY DEADLINE IS Tuesday, December 4
  •  for a registration sheet and waivers.
  • A USSA waiver is required for all non-USSA members.
  • Bibs will be collected at the finish on Sunday.
  • DNS and DNF bibs must be returned to the finish crew – no one else.
  • There will be a $50 fee for lost or damaged bibs.
  • Download the following two items and return to Email Christie
  • Team Entry First Snow NRL 2013 and 2013 First Snow NRL waiver form


Entry fees for GMNC First Snow NRL:

  • Elite/J2-OJ:                $35 per race
  • J3-J4                           $25 per race
  • J5-J6:                          $15

Trail Fees are included.

Make checks payable to GMNC.



  • Backwards skiing on race courses at any time is strictly forbidden.
  • Never cross the finish line unless you are finishing your race.
  • Non-racers/Non-coaches are forbidden to ski on course at any time.
  • Skiers warming up on course must ski with their bibs inside out.
  • Saturday
    • All courses close at 9:50am
    • Sunday
      • Courses will remain open for inspection until 8:50am.
      • Classic tracks will be set single track best line. May change based on snow conditions.
      • Warm-up Areas
        • Snow dependant


Seed orders may be adjusted dependent on conditions and jury decision.

FIS/USSA = The lower of a skier’s FIS or USSA points.

Saturday: Individual Start

  • Female J2 and older, Male J1 and older:
  • Run BAC
  • “A” Top 15 USSA points random draw
  • “B” All remaining USSA points, lowest to highest
  • “C” No points, random draw
    • J2 Boys:
    • Run AB
  • “A” USSA points random draw
  • “B” No points, random draw
    • J3 and younger:
  • Random draw

 Sunday:  Mass Start 

  1. For Senior, OJ/J1/J2 USSA distance points, then USSA members without points, then results from Saturday’s race.
  1. J3/J4/J5/J6 based on Saturday’s race.


  • Technical Delegate:               Quincee  Cotton*
  • Assistant TD:                          TBA*
  • Chief of Competition:            Dave Aschwanden*
  • Chief of Course:                     Toby Morse
  • Chief of Stadium:                  Annie Murphy
  • Timing:                                   Four Corners Timing

 * Race Jury


Cancellation policy: if snow conditions are insufficient to hold the race Dec 7/8, race may be rescheduled for the following weekend. Final decision will be announced at 7pm Tuesday, Dec. 3 and posted at

Venue is Skyway Trail System (east off of Highway 65, Mesa, Colorado). There are no mandatory trail fees, but users are encouraged to make contributions at the donation boxes located at the trailhead. GMNC memberships and donations fund grooming operations.

Registration and bib pickup at the warming hut at Skyway. (From the parking lot, head toward the left down the hill, follow signs.)

There is no power at Skyway. If you plan to bring a generator for waxing, please set up away from the  start/finish area. We will have a practice loop and space for ski testing near the  warming hut (to the north of the parking lot).

Results will be posted on a board near the finish.

There is no electricity at the venue.  Teams are encouraged to set up their wax tables to the north of the start/finish area (near the warming hut).

There is no running water at the venue.  Please bring your own water and water bottles.  We will have some water and sports drink, but supplies will be limited.  GMNC encourages its users to bring their own water bottles or cups in an effort to reduce waste.

Race Course will be available for inspection on Friday 12/6 at 12:00PM. There will be no fee for this.

There will be a 15 minute protest period after the posting of the unofficial results.

There will be technique controllers on the classic course on Saturday.

Awards will be announced and presented at the podium area near the start/finish area shortly following the finalization of results.

Parking: Only two vehicles per team will be allowed at the Skyway trailhead.  Other vehicles must be parked at the County Line or Mesa Top parking areas, located a couple miles south of Skyway  off Highway 65. Both lots have a small changing area and restrooms.