2011 Mesa Meltdown Results

Mesa Meltdown Results 2011




Finally, a terrific day for ski racing! Temperatures were warm, winds were
calm, the course was fun and fast and the Skyway parking lot has not yet turned
into a lake, although it’s thinking about it. When comparing with last year’s
Meltdown times, a fast year also, this year’s times in general were 4-5 minutes
faster on the same course. The field was very competitive with skiers coming
from throughout Western Colorado led by Barkley Robinson of Steamboat Springs
in a blazing time of 55:46. Regular top finisher Terry Daley of Ridgway placed
second and thus captured the 4-race season Series title for men. Another familiar
face on top of the heap, Christie Aschwanden, was the first woman and 5th
overall. Helen Carlsen, always steady and fast, placed 4th for women, which
was enough to move her into the top spot for the women’s Series title. Some
other big race stories were Cole Petersen who handily completed the 20K at
10 years old and Dan Batwinas who moved from 24th last year to 8th this year
and took 16 minutes off his time! Dan is training for the 24 hour ski race
in West Yellowstone in two weeks. Good luck, Dan, you’re skiing great!

Annie Murphy was the top 5K skier in a fast time of 19:54. Maybe she was
just in a hurry to get back to her new baby waiting at the finish. She beat
all the males including Walt Speirs who followed her in 2nd place. 13 year
old Quinn Baker was impressive coming in 4th overall. He took 9 minutes off
his time from last year. Keep up the great progress, Quinn! Being part of
the Grand Mesa Gliders program must help. Other Gliders who should be very
proud for completing the 5K were Casey Crawford, 12, and Baxter Waltermire, 9.

As always, it was our great volunteers who made this a fun, well-run event.
A big thanks to Shirley and Bill Ela, Richard Hypio, Nilam Hypio and Tom Fanticone!
Once again Clif Bar and Justins Nut Butters provided great fuel. Thanks to
those sponsors and our door prizes donors:

Clif Bar, Luna Bar, Clif Blocks

Justins Nut Butters
now available at REI as well as Vitamin Cottage


Cravens Coffee

Ela Family Farms

Slice of Life Bakery, Palisade

Loki Outdoor Wear

The Black Canyon Ascent Run
(check this out on May 14)


20K Freestyle

Place Name Age Gender City State RaceTime
1 Barkley Robinson 37 M Steamboat Spgs CO 0:55:46
2 Terry Daley 49 M Ridgway CO 0:59:58
3 Filip Babnic 46 M Grand Junction CO 1:03:59
4 Kent Gaylord 46 M Telluride CO 1:04:07
5 Christie Aschwanden 39 F Cedaredge CO 1:05:18
6 Chris Petersen 47 M Snowmass Village CO 1:05:20
7 Tom Treder 51 M Telluride CO 1:05:52
8 Dan Batwinas 52 M Grand Junction CO 1:06:51
9 Chris Murphy 35 M Palisade CO 1:09:22
10 Megan Gregg 29 F Steamboat Spgs CO 1:10:01
11 Roger Carlsen 54 M Basalt CO 1:10:21
12 Lewis Kirkegaard 41 M Montrose CO 1:10:48
13 Winslow Robertson 55 M Palisade CO 1:11:19
14 Jenny Nelson 37 F Carbondale CO 1:11:46
15 Tom Hines 63 M Aspen CO 1:12:30
16 Dan McElroy 65 M Crested Butte CO 1:13:56
17 Helen Carlsen 50 F Basalt CO 1:14:06
18 Brad Burritt 49 M Hotchkiss CO 1:14:42
19 Dan Schultz-Ela 55 M Hotchkiss CO 1:14:50
20 Kenton Shaw 56 M Grand Junction CO 1:17:04
21 Scott Nelson 43 M Carbondale CO 1:18:44
22 Paul Cooper 50 M Grand Junction CO 1:20:27
23 Brad McMillan 50 M Ridgway CO 1:21:17
24 Jon Canty 41 M Delta CO 1:22:47
25 Steve Ela 47 M Hotchkiss CO 1:26:46
26 Cole Petersen 10 M Snowmass Village CO 1:32:11
27 Christi Vogt 44 F Grand Junction CO 1:35:40
28 Greg Feinsinger 69 M Carbondale CO 1:35:43
29 Dave Knutson 62 M Paonia CO 1:37:44
30 Chris DePuy 55 M Montrose CO 1:38:52
31 Jon Thomas 53 M Montrose CO 1:39:27
32 Janice McElroy 65 F Crested Butte CO 1:44:23
33 Dave Vogt 49 M Grand Junction CO 1:47:30
34 Pam Hogan 58 F Silt CO 2:11:33
35 Karah Levely-Rinaldi 37 F Grand Junction CO 2:23:58


5K Freestyle

Place Name Age Gender City State RaceTime
1 Annie Murphy 34 F Mesa CO 19:54
2 Walt Speirs 51 M Grand Junction CO 21:05
3 Tom Ela 58 M Grand Junction CO 22:48
4 Quinn Baker 13 M Palisade CO 26:37
5 D Plunkett 46 F Grand Junction CO 32:19
6 Jean-Jacques d’Aquin 71 M Montrose CO 41:03
7 Roger Shenkel 68 M Grand Junction CO 43:19
8 Casey Crawford 12 M Montrose CO 47:15
9 Bill Ela 87 M Hotchkiss CO 54:44
10 Baxter Waltermire 9 M Hotchkiss CO 62:04
10 Mark Waltermire ?? M Hotchkiss CO 62:04