SKYWAY, DEC 30, 2017

After cancelling the WinterStart race everyone was itching to get on snow and compete. There was still barely enough snow 4 weeks later but we said, “Let’s do it!” and the race was on. The start/finish was moved out to the Scales/Lions intersection and the course was modified to be an 8K out-and-back on Scales Lake Road to the tower but that made for surprisingly decent skiing. With a warm sunny day, nobody complained but it was unanimous that we want more snow soon!

Justin Fosha came in from Granby to crush the field with a fast and easy win. Three CMU guys rolled in behind followed by the first woman, Jordan Miner. She’s skiing really strong and at age 15 will only get better. Mary Gilbert made her annual showing from Fort Collins to bring up the rear but is always a great spirit and loves the chance to ski on Grand Mesa.

Energy was provided by Four Points Bars, Element Rice Cakes and our beloved long-time sponsor Justin’s Nut Butters. Great stuff to keep us going! LOKI Outdoor Wear and Enstroms Toffee provided some enticing prizes and there were a couple bottles of champagne for the lucky winners to celebrate the New Years with. Let’s put 2017 to rest now and hope 2018 brings lots of snow and lots of our usual fabulous Skyway skiing!


Place Name Age Gender City State RaceTime
1 Justin Fosha 36 M Granby CO 0:25:45
2 Cal Lindberg 19 M CMU 0:27:56
3 Jake Bradshaw 23 M CMU CO 0:28:08
4 Andrew James 23 M CMU 0:29:05
5 Jordan Miner 15 F Mesa CO 0:29:06
6 Eric Trommer 63 M Placerville CO 0:30:23
7 Winslow Robertson 62 M Palisade CO 0:34:17
8 Doug Johnston 62 M Grand Junction CO 0:34:21
9 Helen Carlsen 57 F Basalt CO 0:34:41
10 Ken Pill 56 M Grand Junction CO 0:34:52
11 Brad Burritt 56 M Hotchkiss CO 0:36:44
12 Susy Ellison 62 F Carbondale CO 0:39:47
13 Steve Ela 54 M Hotchkiss CO 0:40:23
14 Chuck Bodie 64 M Grand Junction CO 0:40:51
15 John Thrasher 68 M Delta CO 0:41:36
16 Cambria Camp 18 F Grand Junction CO 0:43:31
17 Karl Wicklund 30 M Grand Junction CO 0:43:57
18 Theresa Miner 52 F Mesa CO 0:50:28
19 Angela Johnson 43 F Fruita CO 0:54:21
20 Corey Hinman 42 F Fruita CO 1:00:16
21 Mary Gilbert 68 F Fort Collins CO 1:11:48